Cherche Encore is Blue Maignien (Hortense) Harry Murdoch (hmurd/????) and anyone else who wants to join.

contact [dot] cherche [dot] encore [at] gmail [dot] com

Where we came from.

We release music here.

CE011 // Aporia by Max Winter is out on 29/04/20.

Listen to a premiere of 'CCK 4'on DummyMag.

Max also invited us to guest on his radioshow.

We are on Comet Radio

Volume 1

Volume 2 with CNDSD

Volume 3 with Rosen

Volume 4 with Leah Clements

Volume 5 with +777000

Volume 6 with mKwas

Volume 7 with miss sheitana

Volume 8 hmurd solo

Volume 9 with Tayyab Amin


16.03.17 // Cherche Encore 001 with Object Blue, rkss and Terribilis

18.05.17 // Cherche Encore 002 with Inverted Why Research Lab, Hortense and MSHR

18.08.17 // Cherche Encore 003 x sixtysevencollective: A room of One's own

26.06.18 // WBB x Cherche Encore with Johann Diedrick, Laila Blebleble/p38, Teresa Winter and Venus Ex Machina

06.04.19 // Cherche Encore 005 with Aamin, Charles Verni, Daniel M Karlsson, Eye Measure, Hmurd, Jtle, SQC

13.04.19 // Cherche Encore 006 x sixtyseventcollective: A room of One's own vol 2 with Jessika Khazrik, peb, Hortense, Benjamin Whateley, Marion Magrangeas, Andrej Chudy and Gabriela Zigova

03.04.20 // Cherche Encore 007 : Spring (livestream) with m.Kwas, Max Winter x Thomas Page Dances, Daniel M Karlsson, Chris Speed, Ramaleigh, Georgie McVicar, +777000, nexcyia, Charles Verni, angelicaa, Johann Diedrick, and aamin.

Thanks to Clara Cornu for letting us use her artowrk in this little gif!